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19 / 06 / 17 - Christmas in July

Christmas in Australia can be a strange phenomenon to the rest of the world. But one thing we share with everyone is the delicious food with our friends and family. Whether you’re celebrating in July or December, it’s easy to … Continued

04 / 04 / 17 - Top 10 Corporate Packages

2017 is our biggest year yet, and we’re only a quarter through it! Take a look below at our top 10 hottest menus and packages of the year so far. Our most popular catering packages are so wide ranging, they … Continued

10 / 02 / 17 - 100th Birthday Catering!

Happy Birthday Claire! It’s not everyday that we at Fabulous Catering are able to have the privilege of catering for a 100th birthday party! With letters from the Queen and the Governor General, it was a special day indeed! Born … Continued